Mission Statement

The purposes of this program are to instruct individuals for the purpose of improving or developing their capabilities, to educate the public on subjects useful to the individual and beneficial to the community, and to advance Christ. We will further our purposes under this program by operating a multimedia ministry.

Thomas Guy, our President and Director, will be presenting the programs with the assistance of our Officers and Directors. Tom has over 20 years experience in presenting these programs. Volunteers at presentation localities are always welcome and needed. Ask us about internship opportunities! Please register if you'd like us to include you on our email announcements including schedules, availability, opportunities and other news. We want to spread this across the country and can only do it with your help.

We are a traveling media company so there will be no set location after production is complete. During the production various locations will be used to complete the program.

Our program will be produced on DVD format and presented on several (2 or 3) 14'x12' screens. Clips from popular songs, movies and celebrities along with "everyday heros" present a coordinated message throughout the room. Current DVDs (designed for school audiences) with sample clips are available online before or after the scheduled presentation and available at discounts to attendees of events onsite. These programs will be entertaining and motivating covering choices individuals make everyday from: drug abuse, peer pressure, healthy living, relationships, values and spiritual relationships. You will find sample discussion guides and clip contents for our currently available DVDs here. Associated suggested Scripture listings and devotional guides are currently being prepared and will be announced to our subscribers. New programs will be produced annually to keep the messages as current as possible. Each program length will be from 30-45 minutes with an introduction and closing comments. All screenings of media will be open to the general public with no restrictions.