Values, good decisions, right choices…These are the core challenges facing our educational, religious and other community organizations serving our youth today. The Media Guy Inc. came into being expressly to help meet these needs.

Tom Guy, founder and president of The Media Guy, Inc. has worked with a number of companies producing and presenting thought-provoking multi-media presentations since 1979.

Each year we produce new programs for new audiences and offer them as resources to you and your programs. We combine images, movie clips, discussions with stars, news and music from their familiar worlds to give some new emotional impact to the issues you are trying to address. Check our listing of programs for samples of outlines, music, movie listings and discussion guides from our current programs: Split-Second for High School and Jr. High audiences and One Voice for faith-based groups, along with our new program for elementary schools: Standing Together. We feel at The Media Guy that the schools, students, and homes that devote themselves to providing the training of our youth are the most important reason for us to be bringing you these programs.

Over and over our audiences tell us that this is not your ordinary media event. What makes us stand out from the rest? We bring out the emotions that enable everyone there to see things in different ways that can make their lives better than ever. The combination of video, music and digital images from popular movies, TV and music, encouragement and advice from youth heroes and real-life testimonials from peers spark the imagination of all that have the opportunity to see one of our programs and reach the emotional levels that can bring about change.

We produce new programs every year to keep the themes and media current for each production.

We are here to help you in the field of media programs that will help in your ability to give your school, church or group different ways to help in their decision-making.

We all need help in promoting good choices and making decisions. If our programs change just one life, our effort has been well-spent!

We offer many different programs including media, music and motivational speakers to enhance any of your events that need something out of the ordinary.