Message summary:

Dreams--we all have them. For some, they remain just that--dreams & fantasies. For others, their dreams become their passion--they share it with others and work together until the dream becomes reality. We all need others to learn better and more effectively. Working together, we can build a better tomorrow.

Being part of a team and, especially, leading a team requires showing respect to others. To be a true friend, we show respect and hope. We expect to get respect back, which helps us grow. It doesn’t always work that way, however. Sometimes we do not get what we feel we need and our vision is not shared. This can result in resentment and bitterness and can cause us to become a bully. Trying to get respect at all costs is not the way to work together. Sometimes we even compromise what we know is right to get others to like us. To be the leaders we want to be, we need to hold onto our convictions and show it in the respect we have for others. Building friendships is not easy and working together with others is how we all grow in life. By working together and showing how togetherness is the way, we can choose to make positive choices. Or follow the poor path of becoming a bully and demanding others follow us. A true leader is one that leads others in all areas without trying. To give respect when none is returned and to do good when we are treated unjustly are just a couple of the ways we demonstrate our character.


Making positive choices is not easy--classwork, healthy eating choices, driving responsibly, relationships and teamwork. It is not fun to do the right thing all the time. Sometimes we will fail and make poor choices in those areas. But to learn from what we and others have done will make us better as we mature. To be always striving to be better today than we were yesterday is not easy but very rewarding, as we work to become who we want and need to be.

To be the one that gives respect to others and working together will make us all a bit better of a person daily. To constantly be striving to make positive choices shows others we will never stop trying to make ourselves more than we were yesterday. Working together and building for the future is a goal and dream we all should have each day. To help others become better will in turn make ourselves better as well. To strive to find positive people to help will show others we want to work to have great friends and work as a team no matter our situations. Be an over-comer!.