Message summary:

We live in troubled times. While families are supposed to be a safe and nourishing, often they fall short. No place feels like home. Fitting in is tough. Life isn’t fair sometimes! And the constant attacks chip away at one’s self-esteem until it’s destroyed. The drive to fit in leads to poor decisions. “I just wanted to fit in… Everybody else is doing it… Cool thing to do… It’s what the rebel kids were doing... I was bored”, or even “So I didn’t have to deal with life.”

But holding onto this wrong mindset leads to more poor choices--Marijuana, alcohol, drugs… “I want to be 24 in rehab.” That’s not what was thought, but that is what became true. Though we may start with “I would never do certain things”, but reality sets in and realization follows: “Drugs take away everything. Ruined my life of success. It’s going to affect forever. Don’t fall into the same footsteps that so many others have. None of us ever did.”


But it’s time to grow up. Always be yourself. Surround yourself with positive people and good role models. Educate yourself. “Life is so short, I want to live it well.” So whether the issue is drugs, careless decisions in driving or problems with goal setting, there is hope in one another. Stay strong, take a stand, seek truth.