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Thank you for your collaboration!

What you can do?

INTERCESSOR I will pray for your ministry regularly!
ADVISER I can give you ideas, concepts or other helpful resources to strengthen your ministry (books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, tapes).
NETWORKER I will spread the word about your ministry through my personal contacts and / or through the media.
SUPPORTER I will support your ministry financially or with other donations.
ROADIE I can assist with setup/teardown for presentations in my area.

Thank you for your prayers!

What would you like to receive monthly?

NEWSLETTER You will receive a short e-mail with praise reports and prayer needs.
PHOTO You will receive by e-mail a special printable picture about us as a reminder to pray.
WALLPAPER You will receive by e-mail custom-made inspirational wallpaper for your computer desktop.
PHONE CALL You will receive a phone call from us with updates and prayer requests. You can tell us about yourself and your prayer needs as well.

Thank you for your input!

How can you help?

GOD'S WORD I will listen for God regarding your ministry and share with you special Scriptures and thoughts.
STRATEGY I can advise you on strategies and methods for your ministry.
RESOURCES I can provide you with helpful magazines, books, CDs, DVDs.
CONFERENCES I can inform you about important up-coming conferences and help you with the costs of attending.


Thank you for helping us network!

What can your role be?

PROMOTER I can handout brochures about the work of your ministry to my friends, associates and other key people.
PRESENTERI can make a presentation or show a video about your ministry to my church, my office, etc.
WEB-LINKERI am able to promote your website on the Internet or put your web link on my website.
MEDIA MAKERI have skills to write text, make videos, photos, websites, etc.


How can you support our ministry?



In accordance with 1 Cor. 3:12,
I will build Living Stones Church with:
"SILVER" $5-$30 per month  
"GOLD" $30-$100 per month  
"PRECIOUS STONES" $100-$More per month  
I will contribute:
I will start my donations on:  
I will pay by: